Frequently Asked Quesions (FAQs)

What is Auction Grade to  vehicle`s condition?

All vehicles are sourced from Auto Auctions Only.The auction grade shows the outer body point score of the vehicle. e.g 5 A  or S just like Brand new. 0 or RA means repaired etc.We provide the auctions` transparent inspection data to the customers.It is best advised to visit our wholesale dealers` locations. More detailed resources available on demand.

Can I request for a vehicle that is not on the list?

Yes, there are if it's not available ,Contact  to our sales staff

About Terminology

What does "CIF" mean?

CIF is one of the most common international trade terms. It stands for Cost Insurance and Freight. This includes vehicle cost, insurance and shipping cost to port of destination.

What does "FOB" mean?

FOB stands for Free On Board. It is the cost of the vehicle plus documentation. It does not include freight, insurance, or any other charges.  

What does "Consignee" mean?

The consignee is the person entitled to receive delivery of the goods. The name is listed on the Bill of Lading and all the documents relative to the vehicle we provide.

What does"Courier Address" mean?

Courier address is where we will send your shipping documents.

What is "RO-RO Shipment"?

Shipment by Ro-Ro (Roll on-Roll off) refers to shipment done with vessels where the vehicles a…Shipment by Ro-Ro (Roll on-Roll off) refers to shipment done with vessels where the vehicles are loaded and unloaded by driving them into and out of the ship. All vehicles are secured in their respective bays and are isolated from the elements during the sea passage.

What is "Container Shipment"?

During container shipment, vehicles are loaded and fixed in a container During container shipment, vehicles are loaded and fixed in a container (a big metal box of standard size). Shipment by container is very safe and covers almost all ocean ports in the world.

What is "Vanning"?

“Vanning" is the process of professionally loading and securing in place, vehicles inside a container to avoid damages in case of rough conditions during the transportation on the vessel.

What does "Final Destination" mean?

"Final Destination" defines the destination Country where the vehicle will be registered.

About Payments

What method of payment do you accept?

We accept payments via Telegraphic Transfer (TT)

What are the terms of payment?

All orders must be paid in full before we can start the shipping procedure. We will start the shipping arrangement process once our bank confirms that full payment has been received.

What currencies do you accept?

Our main base currency in Japanese Yen. But we also accept trade in other currencies. Exchange rates depend on TTS of our Local bank which is mentioned on proforma invoice.

Do you accept payments in installments?

We can accept payments in installments. But all the payments must be done before shipment.

How much time will it take for my payment to reach Japan?

After you complete the payment it usually takes between 1 to 7 days for the funds to reflect in our account. We continuously check our account and we will write to you a confirmation email as soon as the funds are here.

Please always indicate your invoice number when you complete a payment, to avoid problems in identifying it when it reaches us.

General Information

Do you tamper with the mileage of the vehicle?

We do not tamper with the mileage in the vehicle for any case and for any reason. The Vehicles sold are checked by Japanese auction Mileage system.

What is the year of the vehicle?

The year of the vehicle is the year of first registration of the vehicle in Japan. This is the legal year of the vehicle in Japan and appears on all the documents of the vehicle itself.

What is "seatbelts year"?

Seatbelt year is the year of production of the seat belts. There are some unofficial means to check the manufacturing year but still unofficial and not guaranteed.  

How many keys are provided with the vehicle?

Every vehicle is provided with at least one key. When spare keys are available from auctions, we will definitely provide.

Why are there so few Left Hand Drive vehicles?

Japan is a Right Hand Drive Country so the Japanese do not produce LH drive Japanese vehicles. If a client requires Steering change unit. We offer this service at additional charges.But it is advised to change steering at destination due to cost effectiveness.

Why are there so few Manual Transmission vehicles?

The majority of vehicles produced in Japan have an automatic transmission. As a result, manual…The majority of vehicles produced in Japan have an automatic transmission. The  Export trend shows the maintenance of Manual units is convenient than automatic overseas.

Will the GPS navigation system installed in the vehicle work in my Country?

No, the GPS navigation system installed in the vehicles from Japan works only in Japan.

Spare parts

Can you ship the parts inside the car I am buying?

Yes, but its is not recommended when RORO shipment. If the container shipment then again, the company will not take any liability on unsuccessful delivery to destination.  

Can you send the parts by sea-mail?

Yes, we can send parts by sea mail but it is not advisable. Therefore courier services are highly recommended. Client reserves the final decision. All the charges are beared by the customer.

Can I return the part if it is a wrong one?

Wrong parts provided based on erroneous information are not returnable.

Is there any warranty on new parts?

Parts sold in Japan are warrantied for Japan use only so we cannot offer any warranty on the exports to other country.

For any other question kindly contact our sales contacts mentioned.